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Research and Development

Scientific research allows us to gain new skills and broaden our services. Our research division, also offers to external entities, public and private, in Italy and abroad, support for the development of programs of research, training and testing of common interest, the exploitation of the results achieved and, where possible, the transfer to the productive world.
We are currently engaged on the development of:


- GREEN FUTURE HOUSE, an ecological house, modular and transportable,  capable of providing a complete energy independence, water and sanitation.


- ENERGY BOX, a system of self-generation of electricity, based on hybrid technology.


One of our main research is aimed to the implementation of a Carbon Management System based on the acquisition of areas of primary forest and enhancement of the same through rural development projects and tourism development projects, as a complementary measure to reduce emissions of greenhouse gases emissions necessary to achieve the objectives of the Kyoto Protocol. 



It is a system for the generation of electricity, self contained and fully portable with hybrid technology: photovoltaic, micro wind and Generating Set Emergency (for first start and prolonged absence of the sun and wind), is an off-grid system completely independent from the electricity network, designed to provide electricity to remote areas not reached by the network (rural, mountainous, islands, etc..). It is an assembled system, contained in a box-container, with the purpose of producing energy from renewable sources (solar and wind) and maximize production through a system of accumulation that covers the energy needs in the absence of the sun and/or wind, even for several days.


It is a new concept, ecological and economic of dwelling. It is a modular system of boxes for housing/office, high energy efficient and portable. It is a housing solution designed for the future, be able to meet the need of comfort while respecting the environment. From the economic point of view represents a real investment through energy savings achieved. It is a house with zero impact:
- All the materials are recyclable
- The occupation of the land is temporary  
- Is independent from the point of view of energy, food, water and sewerage
The energy is supplied by an off-grid system completely independent from the mains electricity and gas, with hybrid technology: photovoltaic, solar thermal, micro wind, Generating Set and Storage. A system for collecting rain water and constructed wetlands, allow independence from the water supply and from the sewerage. While a greenhouse provides added a value to the concept of habitat.