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Environmental restoration

Based on a careful ecological analysis we design and build interventions of environmental restoration, using techniques with low environmental impact and naturalistic methods through the use of live plants, or parts thereof, in combination with other materials (wood, stone, galvanized meshes, geotextiles, biomats, etc..).
Our strength is a multidisciplinary design based on the principles of Landscape Ecology but especially on careful study of the botanical components and of the ecosystems, such as to ensure a high percentage of successful interventions.


Our services:
- Reforestation with species typical of the potential vegetation
- Naturalization, only with bioengineering techniques
- Reconstitution of coastal marine
- Implementation of constructed wetlands and lagoons
- Urban reforestation and ecological networks
- Environmental restoration of quarries and landfills
- Environmental restoration after construction of major infrastructure projects
- Mitigation of the visual impact
- Design and construction of paranatural ecosystems


The design will take into account, from time to time, the correct methods of intervention without forgetting the architectural  and geotechnical aspects, the hydraulic characteristics and the ecological requirements.